National Social Care Conference 2023

Cynhadledd Genedlaethol Gofal Cymdeithasol 2023

Technoleg, ac Ymyrraeth Gynnar ac Atal

11 – 12 Hydref 2023 | Venue Cymru, Llandudno

This year, the programme will focus on how technology can be used to support social care, as well as leading innovations in early intervention and prevention. 

A host of inspiring, expert speakers from social care and beyond will invite delegates to explore these topics in depth. Workshops tailored for specific areas of expertise will create space to exchange views and ideas, and there will also be ample opportunity to network and take time out to be inspired.

There is something for everyone at NSCC23, from aspiring leaders, to managers and senior decision makers in local and national government, as well as social work and social care students.


Y Newyddion Diweddaraf

In their latest podcast, our conference sponsors Delta Wellbeing and CGI discuss how health and care organisations are managing the real mixed economy of new technologies trying to work alongside old. It is the first in a series of podcasts focusing on digital health and care, looking at today’s challenges and how the right digital technology can… Read More

Parhau i Ddarllen

Mae'n bleser gan ADSS Cymru gyhoeddi y bydd Llesiant Delta a CGI yn Noddwr Cynhadledd CGGC23 ar y cyd. Technoleg mewn gofal cymdeithasol yw un o themâu CGGC23 eleni, ac mae nawdd Llesiant Delta a CGI yn cefnogi’r rhaglen fel enghraifft o waith arloesol yn y maes hwn. Dysgwch fwy am eu partneriaeth isod. Read More

Parhau i Ddarllen
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