Fiona Phillips

Fiona is a supporter of many charities frequently related to conditions affecting her family, her’ mother suffered from breast cancer before dying on 15 May 2006 from Alzheimer’s disease. Fiona took a break from her work for GMTV, and has since supported many organisations associated with the two diseases.

  Nazir Azfal

Nazir is one of the new National Advisors for Violence against Women, gender-based violence, domestic abuse and sexual violence.
He was Chief Crown Prosecutor for North West England from 2011 to 2015.
and led teams responsible for some of the highest profile cases in the country, including the child abuse case in Rochdale and the prosecution of Stuart Hall.

  Richard McCann

An inspirational speaker with a unique story. Despite having tragic losses, and a period of dabbling with drugs and prison, Richard decided to turn his life around. He grew to become a motivational speaker and loving family man.
Richard has delivered over 2000 presentations around the world, inspiring audiences with his story of overcoming adversity..

  Dan Dutton

Daniel J. Dutton is a post-doctoral scholar at the School of Public Policy. His current research falls into three general categories: social and health economics, applied policy, and computational epidemiology. Most of his work is quantitative, utilizing large data sets and modeling strategies from economics and epidemiology.

  Professor Ceri Phillips

Ceri Phillips is Head of the College of Human and Health Sciences at Swansea University and Professor of Health Economics at Swansea Centre for Health Economics. He is the University non-officer member of ABMU Health Board, an independent member of the Health Education and Improvement Wales Board and the current Chair of Council of Deans of Health Wales.