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As a practice-led service, Innovate Services is the preferred accountable choice for Directors of Service looking for assistance with their children’s services improvement journey.  
As a critical friend, Innovate Services understands the challenges faced and is there to provide reliable support and partnership working when it’s most needed. 
Working in collaboration, Innovate Services identifies better, more efficient ways of delivering children’s social work, children’s residential, and foster carer services. 

Its experienced social work senior leadership team works directly with internal teams to tackle service challenges with pinpoint precision. They provide valuable insight and impetus to help drive service improvements, while generating considerable cost savings.  
Local authorities view Innovate Services as a trusted long-term social work service delivery partner. Every client who has strategically enlisted its help has re-engaged with the service in making improvements elsewhere. 
Quite simply, Innovate Services’ purpose is to support, partner and provide sustainable change. For more information please visit our website.

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Fill your social work vacancies faster, for less. 
Born from a frustration with traditional systems and processes, Social Work Hub by Resource Stream is a game-changer in social work recruitment. 
We’re bringing employers and high-quality practitioners together in one community; a community of local authorities who are changing the way they recruit social workers, forever.  

By raising your profile as an employer and opening your front door with a bespoke microsite, you’ll have access to professionals who you know will deliver good practice; all whilst reducing your recruitment costs. 

Our Social Work News network, an online platform and print magazine, is fast becoming one of the biggest social work platforms in the world. We’re reaching over 4.5 million people across the globe and we’re just getting started! 
Social Work Hub offers greater accountability for quality whilst saving money. Money that can be invested back into children’s services. 

For more details please visit our website:

Children’s Workshop Sponsor

The Consortium for Therapeutic Communities Logo

The Consortium for Therapeutic Communities (TCTC) is a membership and practice charity which supports, promotes, develops and maintains the application of relational practice across a wide range of settings. It publishes an academic journal and runs an active network of training, sector and research groups across the UK and with international engagement. With a strong evidence based going back many decades, therapeutic community practice is alive and evolving in the UK (and globally).

With strong roots in adult mental health and children’s residential care and education, the theory and structures for practice are also now well established in the prison estate and addictions services.

Relational and psychodynamic practice is evolving to be applied in different sized settings – therapeutic child care has been a key development. The charity has a relationship with a quality improvement network at the Royal College of Psychiatrists where there is an accreditation route for practice.  

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HAS Technology Logo

HAS Technology, now part of The Access Group, is a leading innovator of health and social care technology. We understand the difference data can make to improving quality and lowering costs throughout the care cycle. We offer a range of dynamic technologies to support process automation, flexible data collection, better commissioning, and market management.

With over 20 years’ experience and working with over 120 Local Authorities / CCGs and 3000 Providers, our solutions support transformation of care delivery.

For more information, please visit our website: 

Technology Enabled Care in Wales Logo

Technology Enabled Care Cymru is funded by the Welsh Government, hosted by Aneurin Bevan University Health Board. We support the shift to technology enabled care across Wales, helping transformation at scale and pace.  The Covid-19 pandemic required a transformation in how health and care services were delivered in Wales, requiring system-wide change at scale and pace. TEC Cymru supported this shift by rolling out Video Consulting Service (VC) across NHS Wales, ensuring health and care could continue to be delivered remotely.

We aim to: 

  • increase the understanding and knowledge of Technology Enabled Care in Wales; 
  • support the rapid scaling of Technology Enabled Care in Wales; 
  • support culture change; 
  • provide the evidence base for TEC investment and implementation in Wales. 

We’ll do this by: 

  • being the centre for TEC activity in Wales; 
  • supporting the identification, prioritisation and rapid scaling of TEC activity which demonstrates a higher value return; 
  • creating a TEC community; 
  • developing the evidence base for Technology Enabled Care. 

For more information on what we do and how we can support, please find us at