Daniel J Dutton – Siaradwr cyfarfod llawn

Daniel J. Dutton is a post-doctoral scholar at the School of Public Policy. His current research falls into three general categories: social and health economics, applied policy, and computational epidemiology. Most of his work is quantitative, utilizing large data sets and modeling strategies from economics and epidemiology.

His primary interests are population-level exposures and their impact on poverty and health, how governments can address those exposures, and the distributional impacts of addressing those exposures. He also has an interest in methodological practice, including how research is done in applied epidemiology and the questions researchers answer. He has taught or currently teaches econometrics, statistics, epidemiology, and population health classes and serves on the City of Calgary’s ”Calgary Equity Index” working group. Dan completed his PhD in Community Health Sciences with a specialisation in Population and Public Health at the University of Calgary in 2014. Prior to his PhD, Dan worked for a short time in the Ontario Ministry of Finance.

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